Friday, September 22, 2006

Waltke on "Punish" Motif

Righteous and Just: Moral indignation: The absence of anger, especially that sort of anger which we call indignation, can, in my opinion, be a most alarming symptom...If the Jews cursed more bitterly than the Pagans this was, I think, at least in part because they took right and wrong more seriously. For if we look at their railings we find they are usually angry not simply because these things have been done to them but because they are manifestly wrong, are hateful to God as well as to the victim. The thought of a 'righteous Lord"--who surely must hate such doings as much as they do, who surely therefore must (but how terribly He delays) 'judge' or avenge, is always there, if only in the background.

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